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5 Essential Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips

April 2008

Soul Intent Newsletter

Welcoming in Spring and the Energy of New Beginnings!

In This Issue

5 Essential Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips


All Day Face Reading Workshop

Michelle and I are post-poning this class until the early fall. For those of you
who have already registered for this class your checks will be returned to you.
The new dates will be sent out soon...


What is a chakra?

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. A Sanskrit word, "Chakra" means wheel
or disk. Each chakra moves with a spinning motion, forming a vortex. When healthy
and open these chakras spin clockwise and are approximately 6" in diameter. These
vortices filter the energy of the environment around us as well as our thoughts
and feelings and disperse it throughout our body. Knowledge of these energy center
is ancient and is believed to stem from ancient Hindu teachings.

There are seven major chakras in the body - one enters the physical body at the
top of the head, five of them occur along the vertical midline of the body with
energy entering the body from both the front and the back and one is located at
the base of the body. These chakras are constantly interacting and processing information
just like a computer. If a chakra is closed or distorted in some way it will effect
the quality and vitality of the energy, thereby impacting your health.

As an energy medicine practitioner I work with the chakras system to release old
stuck energy thereby creating an energetic shift in the area of the body where
there is imbalance. I support you in having awareness of the issue or belief that
is supporting or promoting the imbalance so you can consciously choose another way
of living and let that which is no longer serving you or your highest good be released.

May 1st
The Biography of Your Face Glastonbury, CT

May 15th
Intro to Energy Medicine and the Chakras
Rocky Hill, CT

June 9th
Dowsing for Relieving Stress
Hamden, CT

June 19th
Feng Shui for Buying and Selling Real Estate
Rocky Hill, CT


Our next session will be held Wednesday, April 9th from 7pm to 8pm at my office
in Hamden.
Please confirm your attendence by emailing me no later than Tuesday the 8th []

Dear Krista,
Welcome to my second bi-monthly newsletter. The topic is "New Beginnings" and the
energy of spring! Although the tempatures may not feel like spring outside, the
energy of the season is upon us now. To best capture this energy we must clear
out the old and make room for the new. It's no coincidence that this time of year
is when we routinely do our yearly "Spring Cleaning." See you were following the
energy and flow of Feng Shui without even knowing it!

Read my article below for tips on how to incorporate Feng Shui into this year's
spring cleaning routine.

5 Essential Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here and with it brings the energy of "New Beginnings" and opportunity
for change and renewal. In order to capture this potent and potential energy we
need to release the old, both in objects and ideas that are no longer serving us
and what we visualize for ourselves and our life.

The energy of spring is about taking action "Doing", so below are 5 action steps
to add to your spring cleaning routine that will allow you to create space for
this vibrant energy of spring to create powerful change in your life.


Remove items from your space that represent previous romantic relationships. Keeping
old pictures, love letters, cards, emails and jewelry from former relationships
keeps your energies connected, not allowing you to let go and move on to a healthy
new one. If you are in a relationship now, it keeps you from committing to him or
her fully. If you are looking for a new relationship, place an item representing
an interest you would like your future suitor to have. Ex. Hiking shoes. If you
are in a relationship already, buy new sheets, symbolizing starting fresh with a
new foundation.


Look around your space, do you have recent photos of your family and children or
are they from years past? Are your children in there 30's and you still have their
high school photo on display? If so, it can keep your relationship with them suck
in the past. It is important to honor who they are today so you can connect as adults.
This goes for pictures of yourself and of you and your spouse too! Also check to
be sure the frames are in good condition. Broken frames or cracked glass can reflect
difficulties relating to the person(s) in that frame.

To read the rest of this article click the link below:
CLEARING YOUR CLUTTER WITH FENG SHUI Thursday, April 3, 2008, 7pm to 8:30pm
31 Sycamore St., Glastonbury, CT

Do you know a clutter bug? Or maybe you are one yourself? Learn how your clutter
is negatively affecting you and how you can begin to take steps to reclaim your
space and your life! Learn which areas of your life are being impacted the most
by the location of your clutter. You'll receive tips for reducing and eliminating
your clutter for good. Fee: $35.

To register send an email to: []
or call HealthConnect at 1-877-783-7262, press option #1
Monday, April 14, 2008, 7pm to 8:30pm
2337 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT

Ever wonder why you just can't get along with any authority figures in your life?
Or perhaps why you are the person that others naturally gravitate to for counseling
or support or why you always end up in charge of the team?

There are underlying reasons why we are who we are beyond genetics. We are all
made of the one to three elements. The elements are determined by the year, month
and day of your birth. Your combination of elements will reveal how you relate
to others based on their elements and basic 5 element theory.

Through this seminar you will be able to identify why certain people trigger you
and others don't. You'll gain greater awareness of yourself and therefore others
too. Perhaps through this awareness shifting the relationship to be a more positive
one. Fee: $35.

Call or email me now to register, this class is filling fast! [] or 203-671-4301.
Thursday, April 17

546 Cromwell Avenue, Rocky Hill, CT

Ever wonder what your face is revealing to the outside world? Your face can tell
a great deal about your life from challenges you may have experienced along the
way to hidden potentials that you may be viewing as a flaw. Come explore with
us why people with a high forehead are more analytical and why ones with a strong
jaw are more determined and others with a large nose may be good with money. Fee:

To register send an email to: []
or call HealthConnect at 1-877-783-7262, press option #1.
Monday, April 29
Solo-Preneurs Meeting, New Haven Chamber
900 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

Have you been wondering about the Law of Attraction? Would you like to learn how
to apply the principles in "The Secret" to your business?

Join Krista Polinsky, Certified Feng Shui & Energy Medicine Practitioner, and
Wendy Battles, Optimal Health Coach, for an interactive workshop incorporating the
principals of the Law of Attraction. You'll learn simple steps to create more abundance
and satisfaction in your business and personal life. It's not difficult, it just
takes a little practice, discipline and a dash of trust. Join us for a session
that will have you thinking differently about attracting clients and creating a
more abundant and satisfying life.

Cost is free to NH Chamber members and $10 for non-members.

To register contact Paul Tommaselli at 203-782-4342 or email him at



Tuesday, April 29
80 South Main St., Suite 7, Wallingford, CT

Join me for an enlightening presentation on how your clutter can be negatively impacting
your life and your health. I'll help participants to see how hanging onto what
is no longer serving us keeps us from allowing new experiences into your lives.
I'll share insights into what your clutter may be revealing about you and give
you steps to for reclaiming your space and therefore your life! 30min presentation,
$5 donation. To register call Kelly at 203-687-2554 or email her at
My prayer for you is that you fully utilize the unlimited potential of the energy
of spring in whatever way you choose...

Abundant blessings,



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