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Feng Shui Testimonials

What Clients Say About My Feng Shui Sessions

“We had recently moved into our current digs and were still somewhat 'living out of boxes'. A lot of the big furniture items were still in the places where the movers had 'dropped 'em off during the typical chaos of a move. Given our hectic pace of life, we really hadn't re-worked the place. Krista came in and within 2-3 hours had suggestions that ultimately turned our place into a home. My wife is much happier with her 'nest'. A lot was common sense... but a lot was 'oh, I never would have thought of that' and 'sounds different, but let’s give it a shot!’ We were really excited to follow through with her suggestions and got right to it immediately after the session. There was an instant energy shift with just those few moves! We now have 'our' energy in our new home and it feels great!”

Jack Berube
Tariffville, CT

"It was a joy and a privilege to work with Krista. She shed light on how to create balance and bring positive energy into my house. I liked Krista's down to earth way of explaining things to me. She gave me a lot of recommendations that were both creative and affordable. As a result, my house became more energetic, welcoming, peaceful and vibrant.
Krista has an infectious enthusiasm and confidence about her work. She brings great wisdom, strong intuition and vast knowledge combined with genuine, caring and a passionate attitude about her work. I enjoyed working, exploring and implementing a lot of practical Feng Shui suggestions that Krista offered.”

Helena Strebejko
Amston, CT

“I would like to share with everyone reading this, my Feng Shui experience with Krista. I am going to call it, “The Story of Faith” I am very excited to share my uplifting story with you that no matter how bad you think things are right now…believe me, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to believe.

In July 2005, I was convinced I would never find “Mr. Right”. Relationship after relationship and just nothing was working. Krista introduced me to Feng Shui. She told me to make room in my closet for a guy to come into my life, and to buy a pair of men’s shoes and put them in my closet. She also gave me a mantra to say while I kneeled down and lit a candle. After a week of letting the idea of doing this sink in, I was at the point to do just about anything. I went to a department store to buy some things and found myself picking up a pair of men’s shoes. When I got home, I put the shoes in my closet, and forgot about them. Two weeks later I met a friend at her fiancés softball game. One of the player’s on the team asked my friend’s fiancé who I was, but he ignored him. A couple of weeks later, while driving my car, I noticed that the police officer across the street was staring at me. On my way back, he stopped my car in the street. Nervous that I didn’t have my seatbelt on, I said, “Yes, is something wrong?” The officer say “Hi”, “I saw you at my softball game, have you seen Chris?” Thinking of my most recent ex-boyfriend who played softball, I said “No, he doesn’t talk to me anymore”. The officer replied, “Oh, he is such a nice kid”. “I know he is” I said, as I dropped my head. “Well if you see him, tell him I said, “Hi”. “Well, what’s your name?,” I asked. “Joe” the officer replied. Just then, he had to move the traffic so I drove off.

A couple of weeks later on a Sunday night, my girlfriend who I met at the softball game, called me on the phone. She asked me if I had been pulled over by a cop. I said, “Yes, I was, how do you know”. She began to laugh, and said, “That cop played softball that day that you met me at the field, he is a friend of my Chris and he really wants to take you out! He has been trying to find out who you are and he finally tracked Chris down. We’ll all go out together Tuesday night, o.k.? I agreed to go out and meet Joe the cop on that Tuesday night. Well, we have been together ever since.

Now for the best ending to this story. We had to go to a wedding together and Joe said he needed to get new shoes. I instantly remembered the shoes in my closet and asked him his size…you guessed it, they were his size, and they fit like a glove! The most comfortable shoes he ever put on his feet! Feng Shui does work, you just have to believe!”

Kelly Monaco
North Branford, CT

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