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Energy Healing Testimonials

What Clients Say About My Energy Healing Sessions

I met Krista about two years ago at a networking event.  She gave a talk about de-cluttering your environment to make room for new things to come into your life.  She also spoke about the other services she offers like Feng Shui, Energy Healing and Space Clearings.  I found her talk fascinating and because what she said resonated with me I approached her to learn more.  At the time I was in a state of flux and my spirit, mind and body felt very heavy.  I had also been noticing signs of things being presented to me that were pointing me in a different direction, but I felt I couldn’t hear the messages and I was stuck where I stood.

I initially went to Krista for an Energy Healing session.  I was amazed at how accurate what she had picked up on was and how she was able to help me release many bottled up emotions that were weighing my soul down.  When I left Krista’s office I felt 15 lbs lighter!  I also had a lot of negative events that had happened in and around my home and to my family.  I had Krista come to my home to clear the space.  I again was amazed by Krista’s abilities.   She had done a clearing and also gave some Feng Shui suggestions.  While a few things happened in the days following the clearing that I couldn’t make sense of at the time, when I went for a second Energy Healing session, things became very clear to me.  I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me and the space around me.  I feel at peace and able to move forward..

I believe I was meant to meet Krista so that I may free myself from things that were keeping me from pursing my true path in life.  Krista’s services have provided that for me.  I sincerely thank her for that.  She is a true healer of souls!

Renee Randall,
Wallingford, CT


I can't say enough about the wonderful session you provided for my mind, body & soul!   I felt such a cleanse of "ME"!  I was out with people Sat & Sun and just felt lighter with myself!  After our session  I felt so different, "lighter and clearer"  That evening I was very up beat and slept very well that nite. Thank you for the wonderful way I feel.  I plan to meditate at home, to treat myself like the goddess I am, as are all women!  Know  that I can make my own happiness, & believe the best is yet to be! 

Connie Rose
East Haven, CT

In June 2006 I was enrolled in the Feng Shui Alliance. During class, one of our Teachers, Alex Stark was reviewing the 5 Elements. He mentioned how people who have a lot of Earth tend to worry a lot, and I mentioned that this is me. He recommended body work, and right behind me sitting in my class was my classmate Krista Polinsky. I knew she was an Energy Practitioner. I approached her with what Alex said, and she was more than happy to treat me. Prior to my treatment, my Therapist commented to me that she believed that the energy treatment would be liberating. She was right. In July, I went so see Krista in her office for my first energy healing treatment, which was amazing, enlightening, and helped me heal past issues with my Father. Her intuitiveness was the most amazing; she actually worked on my legs, and felt that my father was getting weak. She is not a psychic, however, a few days later I went to visit my Father, and learned that he had his second leg amputated a year prior due to diabetes and I had no idea. I was shocked. I continued to work with Krista on a monthly basis, which also aided in facilitating conversations in my therapy sessions with my Therapist.

Through the energy healing sessions, I experienced an awakening I have never experienced before. I started shedding negative forces and people who no longer resonated on my new level, and began attracting positive wonderful people into my life. I also started to attract abundance and good opportunities as well. I had improved relationships with co-workers, friends and family members. In 2007 I confronted my Father on unresolved issues and secrets from the past that he was not aware of and that were holding me back, and Krista was right there to support this healing and change.  I am so grateful for her being there for me. My Father and I were able to reconcile and heal our relationship.

I began to become more creative, happier, full of life, letting go of all the old energetic baggage I carried around that I thought that was resolved in years of therapy. I began to gain more self confidence in myself, and also attracted a wonderful job, and worked with an amazing staff and made lifetime friends. I also became a better Feng Shui Practitioner as a result.

I highly recommend Krista as an Energy Medicine Practitioner, her compassion for others and her willingness to be a facilitator in the healing of the soul and body are a gift and an anointing that the Universe has given her, and I am so much better and grateful for her being my Energy Practitioner and a dear friend.

Linda Boney
Brox, NY

“The healing with you helped get me back on track, my internal energy (both mental & physical) felt rejuvenated.  I'm finally back at work and it feels good...  I'm very grateful for your assistance with my healing process.  I enjoy working with you because your energy is extremely sincere and non-judgmental.”

Killingworth, CT

"My wife had had a visible transformation after one session with Krista which made me curious. After my own session with Krista, I felt a great change come over me. Things in my life that I hadn't considered before had come to the surface and were let go. I now have a feeling of being more at ease, more at peace and a general lightness of spirit has entered my life."

Charles Thompson
Peconic, NY

"Krista is a gifted, intuitive healer. The two healings I've experienced with her have been very positive and she has helped shift my 'stuck' energy in her loving and supportive way."

Barbara Kellogg
Guilford, CT

"My experience with Krista was very unique. I was at first a little hesitant to let myself go and allow my energy connect with my surroundings, but within a few minutes I was able to allow Krista get to work. After my session, I thought that my head was going to be filled with many things to think about, but in reality my mind was clear and I was able to take the advise that Krista offered more open-minded."

Melonie Torres
Wallingford, CT

"Krista has great insight, intuition and a strong spiritual connection. She is able to understand her clients on many levels and is skilled at supporting her clients to reach their personal goals."

Donna Chasse
Enfield, CT

"In this fast and all to consuming life, one occasionally meets a person that will make you stop, and make you think. Krista is one of these people.

I was diagnosed with Cancer 12 months ago and undertook a regime of conventional treatment. My type of Cancer is incurable at this time, I have gone through depression, confusion and anxiety. My doctor was happy to write a prescription for antidepressants. There had to be another way to deal with these emotions. On a visit to my dear friend Barbara I told how I was feeling, she suggested I see Krista an energy healer and a friend of hers. I did not know what to expect from my visit to Krista, she sat me down and we talked, within minutes, she had my trust. It became very clear to me Krista has worked with many people like me. Since that first meeting I have had several energy healing sessions, after each visit I carry Krista's strength with me.

Antidepressants pills have no feeling for the person they are treating, unlike Krista who reaches out with feeling and energy. I know she will always be there for me at the end of a telephone or in her 'energy room' when I come to visit."

Pamela Leach
Delrey Beach, Florida


"My experience with energy healing by Krista has changed me irrevocably� in the best way! The other therapies I have tried pale in comparison to the profound physical and emotional impact I feel every time I have a healing session. I�m learning so much and feeling so good. I find I can now manage stresses without losing myself in the process � a huge step for me! Krista�s intuitive and understanding methods are just the thing for helping and healing."

Erin C. Moriarty
Hartsdale, NY 

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